Early Involvement Design Assistance
OMP is proud of the lasting relationships established with our customer base. Many of these partnerships and success stories were established by a team effort of OMP Engineering, in conjunction with our customer's design team. The objective is to minimize cost and optimize quality on new, as well as existing products.

How We Increase Your Profitibility
Our Engineering team investigates all aspects of the product design from a manufacturing point of view. Each individual program is evaluated by addressing these common questions:
Is the material selected the cost effective choice for the product's operating environment? Can mating parts be joined as one molding operation, eliminating assembly? Does the product geometry offer the best situation for manufacturing and upfront tool cost? Will our mold design address all critical dimensions? Can value-added secondary operations occur during the molding cycle? Are considerations taken for ease of assembly and registration for secondary operations? Can high cost packaging be eliminated or utilized further down the manufacturing process? Striving to give our customers a competitive edge is the thrust of our business.