Medical and Laboratory Instrumentation     

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OEMs in the Medical and Laboratory Instrumentation markets have requirements that are a perfect fit for OMP. They need a supplier that can manage the tool building and manufacturing of multiple part packages that have low volume but highly aesthetic requirements. Our experience and expertise make the process a smooth one. Secondary operations such as painting, decorating, shielding, component insertion and value add assemblies are all done in-house. OMP will manage the program from beginning to end to assure that timetables are met, all quality expectations are fulfilled and deliveries are made on time.

Business Equipment, Electronics, and User Terminals

P9120427 Rev 2Through the years, original equipment manufacturers have relied on OMP to provide high quality parts/assemblies. OMP has worked with many world class companies in the production of highly aesthetic components in the point of sale, business equipment and consumer products marketplace, and OMP has developed a deep understanding of the expected requirements. OMP is able to mold critical parts consistently along with documented operator instructions to assure quality at every step throughout the process. Because of our talented and flexible resource base, we are able to produce parts and assemblies with a high level of consistency and in a cost effective manner.