OMP's Tool Shop (formerly TRT), located in Oneida, New York, is a highly skilled mold builder for the plastics industry. OMP is a major tool and mold building facility with a skilled team of employees. We provide a wide variety of manufacturers with the most exacting, cost-efficient molds available today. OMP combines today's latest technologies with experienced, skilled tool builders to offer our customers the best made tools in the plastics industry.

  • In-house design—CAD (SOLIDWORKS: 3D Software)
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing— (Master CAM Software)
  • Prototype molds (Aluminum)
  • Low to Medium volume production molds (P-20)
  • High volume production molds (S-7 & H-13)
  • Prototype parts machined from customer data
  • Low volume production machining
  • Experience in molds for thermoplastic injection and thermoset injection, as well as compression processes
  • Tool Sampling, First Article Inspection, Process Capability Studies available through our molding facilities
  • Pre-production and production of plastic parts available through our molding facilities

P9120445 Rev 3

Diverse Capabilities:

  • Building of custom molds and tools for the thermoplastics industry
  • Computer Assisted Designs (3D)
  • Mold and tool repair
  • Precision mold and tool weld repair (MIG.TIG)
  • C.N.C. milling
  • Horizontal grinding
  • Engraving

Engraving & Duplicating:

  • Deckel KF-12 3D duplicator
  • Deckel GK-21 Pantograph (2)
  • Deckel diamond cutter grinder (3)
  • J-Series Bridgeport milling machine

Milling, Drilling & Boring:

  • Bridgeport Series I vertical mill with digital readouts
  • Supermill horizontal boring mill
  • Okuma MCV4AE
  • Haas VF-OE


  • LeBlonde engine lathe
  • Clausing engine lathes


  • Mitsui precision surface grinders 205/618M(2) with digital readouts
  • Mitsui precision surface grinders 200/612M
  • Olivetti RTF 100 surface grinder 10K42
  • Pope Blanchard grinder 10" x 18"
  • Boyar-Schultz surface grinders 6" x 12"

EDM & EDM Electrode:

  • Eitee Pulsitron TRM 20 with VMC
  • Eitee Pulsitron TR-20
  • Charmilles E-10 with Isocut (2)
  • Charmilles Roboform 40, CNC
  • Bridgeport J Series with digital readouts (3)
  • Clausing engine lathe (15 x 48)
  • Westhoff precision horizontal drill
  • Clausing surface grinder 6" x 12" (2)
  • Covel surface grinder 6" x 12"
  • Boyer-Schultz surface grinder 6" x 12"


How We Increase Your Profitability:

OMP's Tool Shop combines the art of tool making with today's technology to provide customers with plastic injection molds, fixtures and special machining for a wide range of applications. Our expertise is based on combining the right mix of human and technological elements to:

  • Maintain a service priority. Their philosophy is to "build the best customer relationships as well as to build the best molds."
  • Provide an experienced work force for each job. Because of our experience, OMP is known in the industry as a maker of some of the most intricate tools. By combining craftsmanship with the latest advances in the industry we are able to build the most complex tools needed.
  • Build cost-effective solutions. By understanding the needs and applications of the plastic injection molding industry, and by working closely with OMP's operations team, we can match the design and materials used to the life of the tool.
  • Provide quick turn-around. With the capability for multiple shifts, OMP can provide the quickest possible turn-around—from design to final product.
  • Support other divisions of OMP. As the largest single tool supplier to OMP, our tool shop is dedicated to meeting OMP's and all customers' tooling needs.