Hot Stamping

  • Achieve different color, wood grain, chrome or metallic finishes
  • Apply graphics using steel and silicone rubber dies
  • Apply graphics or borders to contoured or flat surfaces
  • Machines available for small, single operations and large, cross-feed and specialty applications
  • Roller hot stamping

Pad Printing

  • Print graphics over contoured and multi-leveled surfaces
  • Multiple machine availability
  • Uses many types of materials, including two-part epoxy inks
  • Print small to medium-size parts
  • Capable of making temporary cliches in-house

Silk Screen

  • Print multiple color graphics
  • Uses several types of inks
  • Print small-to medium-size parts
  • Make and store all screens in-house

Decorative Label

  • Use several reliable, economical sources for labels
  • Experienced in all types of label materials and thicknesses
  • Application by hand or automated process